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About the Author

Aubrey Campbell

Aubrey is a YA and short fiction author, writing in a wide range of genres from paranormal romance to sci-fi weird westerns. Her short fiction has been published in a range of anthologies alongside award-winning authors, Seanan McGuire, Faith Hunter, and R. S. Belcher.

When she’s not writing, Aubrey can be found in her backyard with her cauldron, searching for the perfect eye of newt recipe.


When the air finally cleared, a giant mirror towered over the attic, its surface silvery-dark like the slippery sheen of an oil spill.

The Hushing

The Hushing

A haunted Snow White retelling

When Marion Price finds a creepy old mirror in her grandmother’s attic, she discovers a world beyond the glass riddled with ghosts and a deadly queen intent on claiming the warmth of Marion’s soul.

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